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Pretty Little Hell Raiser Collection

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I had a dream where I met a shaman in the astral realms. He performed a ceremony for me and gave me the following words of wisdom:

"The god walks between two worlds."

Many ladies are very interested in creating their feminine reality to match their heart's desires, however they are given incomplete information when it comes to the destruction that must take place in order for a new reality to emerge. In fact, these same women claim they are oh-so-feminine, but yet they are completely ignorant when it comes understanding and embracing the feminine polarity of life and the feminine universe in all of her chaotic glory.

Get acquainted with death energy and all of the aspects of authentic feminine energy the wannabe wives have no clue about. It's time to raise hell!

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One collection of single gems, or articles of wisdom, by Sanni Lark. For recurring mental treasures join the Evil Single Woman coven

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Pretty Little Hell Raiser Collection

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