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Mommy Dearest Collection

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Many mothers and would-be mothers believe it is their duty and sole purpose to risk their health, bodies, and lives giving birth; however, they are not aware that this ideology was not an original thought of theirs. It is permeated into every facet of our lives as women from girlhood to keep us energetically and physically vulnerable and reliant on others who are only pressuring us to lay on our backs to eventually lay on delivery beds, all because they value the continuation of humanity more than our lives and well being.

Be informed regarding the permanent lifestyle transition known as motherhood and understand that you exist in a society and ecosystems like interpersonal relationships that are relying on utilizing your womb in ways that you may not like or benefit from.

Delve into the Mommy Dearest Collection and receive spiritual gnosis on the realities of motherhood from an unconventional, childfree perspective.

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One collection of single gems, or articles of wisdom, by Sanni Lark. For recurring mental treasures join the Evil Single Woman coven

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Mommy Dearest Collection

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